Mark Hunter, Founder and CEO

About The Founder and CEO

After being diagnosed with sarcoidosis at age 48, (Update - Early 2024, through aggressive monitoring and treatment, I was cleared by my pulmonologist) I created Air Health Global and Whole House DNA™ air quality testing. Being a licensed Indoor Air Quality and Mold Specialist, as well as a licensed Home Inspector in Florida and Tennessee, my passion to educate and bring awareness to many preventable chemical pollutants and mold-related illnesses became overwhelming. The fact that fewer than 2 percent of practicing physicians are formally trained to recognize and treat chemical and mold sensitivities is frightening to say the least. Whole House DNA™ is a series of proven air and surface sample collection processes that will identify 500+ airborne chemicals, and hidden mold growth that could potentially damage your body, and in some cases be fatal. Whole House DNA™ will identify these hazards, and explain them in a detailed lab report that will include: symptoms, causes, and remedies. This detailed report can accompany your next doctor visit to assist in an educated and accurate diagnosis and treatment, versus a misdiagnosis and unnecessary medications, or procedures. Whole House DNA™ is an invaluable tool that will ensure you've done your due diligence to keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm's way. Remember, "Let Us Be Your Canary." Thank you for letting us serve you and your family, Mark Hunter, Founder and CEO

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